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With the resurgence of Covid-19 cases flaring up in hot spots around the US, face masks and coverings are without question a must-have, must-wear accessory. Virologists and public health experts are still uncovering new details about viral transmission. 

Still, mounting evidence suggests that the coronavirus not only spreads by large droplets (through coughs, sneezes, singing, and loud talking) but may also be staying airborne in poorly circulated air for as long as three hours. 

A lot depends on smart practices and good choices. Avoid poorly ventilated indoor spaces with others outside of your household. If you have no choice, social distance, open the windows, limit your time, sanitize your hands, and most importantly, wear your Smart Pro Mask!

Masks are only effective if you wear them and care for them properly. If we all do our part with physical distancing, hand washing, and embracing masks as the new normal of our daily routines, it will dampen the flames of this five-alarm fire until a vaccine comes along.