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Today, with the ongoing threat that the COVID-19 epidemic poses to public health, wearing protective masks have become a constant part of our everyday lives as we navigate this new reality. Due to this, many companies and individuals have become creative with designing masks that promote safety and are comfortable to wear and accentuate one's style. 

Let's take a look at why we need masks in the first place and how they evolved throughout humankind's history. Masks have traditionally been a necessity and, at times, a critical item due to various reasons. Here's how!

Public Health

  • Countries around the world utilize masks during public health issues, including flu season and now during the COVID-19 epidemic

  • In some countries such as Korea, Japan, and China, people regularly wear masks while traveling to prevent the spreading of germs 

Environmental Issues and Disasters

  • Pollution in the air and surrounding environment
  • Disasters such as explosions, fires, earthquakes

Home Safety

  • It is recommended to wear masks when using toxic cleaners
  • At home, we can also be exposed to air pollutants, including gases and fine particles

Work Safety

  • If working in a dangerous environment where chemicals, toxins, and hazardous materials are present, it is often required to wear a mask for safety and protection

Protective masks are essential when there are potential hazards that pose health risks. It is recommended and often required that people wear masks in various settings such as construction sites, school labs, disaster areas, epidemics, hospitals, research laboratories, and even at home when using toxic cleaners. Shop Smart Pro Mask and order yours today!